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English 1101 & 1102 - Library Research & Resource Basics: Multimedia & Citation Information

Library Multimedia Information

The following are links to information about Multimedia software and gadgets available at the Library for student use:

Multimedia-related gadgets available for use/check out at the Library Service Desk:

Information about the Multimedia Studio in the Library, including a link to the software that is available on the Mac computers in the Studio:

Information about booking Breakout Rooms in Clough:

Information about the Presentation Rehearsal Studios in Clough and how to book them to practice presentations:


Library Poster Printing

Print posters at the Main Library using our plotter printer.  In order to use the poster printer you will need to bring your Buzzcard to the Multimedia Studio on the ground floor of the Library. Cost for printing posters ranges from $2.50-$3 per linear foot, payable by Buzzcard. See the Multimedia Studio Technical Support Assistant for more information on how to send your job to the poster printer. 

Note: We only have one plotter printer, so make sure to come early in case you have to wait to print!

 More info:

Printing Posters at the Paper & Clay (Student Center)

The Paper & Clay is located in the Student Center.  They provide a poster printing service for a fee.  Find their fee schedule and more information at: . Note that they want approximately 48 hours to print a poster, so start early!

Creating Citations

Visit our library guide on Research/Writing/Citing Sources for information on creating proper citations following different styles.  Look for under the Citation Styles tab for a list of options. 

I also recommend the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) for proper citation format questions for MLA, APA, or Chicago style. 

Research and Documentation Online (5th edition) also provides helpful MLA citation information.

We have a print copies of several style guides available behind the Library Service Desk on the 1st Floor. Feel free to ask someone at the desk to look at a guide or if you need citation advice.

Example MLA Citations

           1.  Article from an online database:

In-text citation – last name if name not used in sentence, as well as article page number from where quotation or paraphrase taken: 

The author argues that Tech’s music school is cutting edge (Smith 160).

Works Cited:

Smith, Clara. “Music Makes the World Go Round. Music Journal
25.1 (2006): 158-69. Academic Search Complete.
           Web. 26 January 2010.

            2.  Work in a Collection (ex- Essay in an edited collection)

In-text citation – last name if name not used in sentence, as well as page number from where quotation or paraphrase taken: 

“Like us, Victorian readers would find much of Alice’s strange world to be reassuringly familiar" (Hancher 26). 

Works Cited:

Hancher, Michael. "Punch and Alice: Through Tenniel’s
         Looking-Glass." Lewis Carroll, A Celebration:
         Essays on the Occasion of the 150th Anniversary
         of the Birth of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
. Ed. Edward
         Guiliano. NY: Clarkson N. Potter, Inc., 1982. 26-49.

                 3.    Online Image Citation: Name of Artist/Photographer. “Title”
                     (if no title,give description, not in quotation marks). Medium.
                     Date Created. Website. Web. Date Accessed. URL

 Smith, Joe. “Alice.” Photo. 24 Jan 2010. Flickr. Web.
           25 Jan 2010.

4.    Song from  the Web:  Name of Performer (Last, First). "Song Title." Title of Album.
               Manufacturer, Year of Issue. Website. Medium. Date Accessed. URL.

Adele. "Someone Like You." 21. XL Recordings, 2011. iTunes. Web.
          7 November 2011.

Notes & Resources on Intellectual Property


As you prepare class projects, you may want to include various forms of media (text, images, video clips, etc.). Anything that you borrow - whether a direct quotation from a source, a paraphrase of another's argument, an image, or a movie clip or movie still - needs to have citation information attributing that work/information to its creator. Outside sources should be cited regardless of whether the work is protected by copyright. 

Copyright & Fair Use

Use the following links to find out more information about use of copyrighted works in educational settings and the parameters of fair use that one can use to decide whether a particular use of a copyrighted work may be considered fair use:

University System of Georgia - Policy on the Use of Copyrighted Works in Education and Research

USG Copyright Policy - The Fair Use Exception

Creative Commons -licensed Works  & Works in the Public Domain

Creative Commons - Get Creative - a short video describing Creative Commons and its benefits.

You can find Creative Commons-licensed images through sites like Flickr by using the Advanced Search feature and limiting your search to Creative Commons-licensed images.

You may also use Google Images Advanced Search features to search for images labeled for reuse or reuse with modification. These searches will return results for works that are either Creative Commons-licensed or works which are already in the Public Domain. 

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