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Business & Management: Demographics

Research Guide for general Business and Management resources

Official Census

Sources for the official Census (conducted every 10 years by the Census Bureau) are listed on the Government Information Research Guide (click on "Census" tab)

Population Projections


  • QuickFacts  - can select by state, county, city, town, or zip code. From the Census Bureau.
  • Georgia QuickFacts - key data for each county, city, zip code.  From the Census Bureau.


                Factsheet, 2 pages

                Flyer, "At a Glance", also 2 pages

  • Social Explorer subscription database, with easier interface than official Census website. Library has 1 seat license.
  • SimplyAnalytics - subscription database, with intuitive interface...can easily create custom maps. Also has consumer information from EASI/Mediamark Research (MRI)..  [note: previous name was SimplyMap]
  • American Factfinder - Official Census Bureau tool to find statistics. American Community Survey has latest figures. Use "Fact Sheet" for basic tables for cities, counties, and states (tip - select "show more"), or, from left frame,  "Data Sets" for advanced features (tip - select "Decennial Census", then "SF 3")

     •    GeorgiaData - Detailed demographic profiles of counties; county-by-county analysis; city population. County estimates for  2020, 2025, and 2030 [as of 2011].  Select "Data", then "Data Tables". Under the category Population is "Estimates & Projections".    Database formerly known as : Georgia Statistics System (though listed under Data tab, that product no longer exists)


Statistics Books - from New Strategist. These handy guides are concise and clearly written. Available online, within our Gale Virtual Reference Library database. Titles include:

   American Incomes: Demographics of Who Has Money

   American Marketplace: Demographics and Spending Patterns

   Best Customers: Demographics of Consumer Demand 

   Household Spending: Who Spends How Much on What 


Census and Demographics, 2000-2006

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