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Patents & Trademarks: PubWEST/PubEAST

About PubWEST

What is PubWEST?

  • WEST stands for Web-based Examiner's Search Tool.  It is an internal USPTO database for use by US patent examiners and patent researchers.
  • PubWEST is the public version of WEST, which is offered only in the Public Search Facility at USPTO and PTRCs.

PubWEST Features

  • Full-text searching for U.S. patents from 1920's.
  • Multiple database searching
  • Precision searching
  • Easier printing
  • Selected data downloading
  • Foreign patent document retrieval

What is PubEAST?

  • EAST stands for Examiners Automated Search Tool.  It is a software interface that connects with the USPTO patent database files.
  • PubEAST is the public version of EAST, which is offered only in the Public Search Facility at USPTO and PTRCs.

PubEAST Features

  • Use BRS (Bibliographic Retrieval Services) search engine
  • Multiple database searching
  • IS&R Form for fast multiple patent numbers and classification search
  • Precision searching
  • Fast viewing documents
  • Custormizing display format
  • Tagging for grouping records
  • Foreign patent document retrieval

PubWEST/PubEAST Contents

      PubWEST/PubEAST is a collection of patent databases, including:

  • U.S. Patent Full-Text,
  • U.S. Published Patent Applications,
  • U.S. Patents 1920-1970 OCR File, and some documents from 1971-1976,
  • EPO Abstracts,
  • JPO Abstracts, and
  • FPRS (Foreign Patents Retrieval System).

Access to PubEAST/PubWEST is available at the PTRC. For more information or to make an appointment for PubWEST/PubEAST training, please call: 404-385-7185, or email:

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