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Business & Management: Company Directories

Research Guide for general Business and Management resources

Co Directories


D&B Million Dollar Database - more than 30 million companies worldwide

LexisNexis Directory of Corporate Affiliations (within LexisNexis Academic)  (select "Get Company Info" ; at company snapshot page, select "References").

     (print editions offsite, at Library Services Center, from 1967 - to date - REFERENCE HG4057.A219  )

Reference USA - about 40 million businesses

     also, includes "New Businesses" module - about 4 million companies


Brands and Their Companies - via Gale Directory Library database (database also includes the "reverse" print title, Companies and Their Brands); print ed. at Library Services Center (offsite): T223.V4 A2225x - from 1990 on

Thomas Register  (ThomasNet)   --  also, historical -  from 1905 to 2006, in microfilm - offsite, Library Services Center -- TS199.T45

Ward's Business Directory of U.S. Private and Public Companies - about 100,000 companies - via Gale Directory Library database

Companies and Their Brands  (offsite, Library Services Center - REFERENCE  T223.V4 A253 - and from 1990 on 5th floor)

D&B Business Rankings  (offsite, Library Services Center - REFERENCE  HG4057.A237)

D&B Consultants Directory  (offsite, Library Services Center - REFERENCE  HD69.C6 D86x)

D&B Industrial Guide (offsite, Library Services Center - REFERENCE  TS203.D8

Pratt's Guide to Private Equity Sources   (offsite, Library Services Center - REFERENCE  HG64.P73)

Standard & Poor's Register of Corporations... previous years offsite, Library Services Center -- REFERENCE  HG4057.A4


Local and State:

Atlanta Business Chronicle Book of Lists (December issue) -  at Information Services Desk

Corporation Search  (GA Secretary of State website)

D&B Million Dollar Database  -  more than 30million businesses worldwide- can search by zip, county, MSA, state, and by size as well as industry codes

Reference USA  - 40 million businesses - can search by zip, county, MSA, state, and by size as well as industry codes

       subset, Georgia Business Directory, in Library building - HF5056.G4 G46 from 1989 (some gaps)

       New Businesses module (about 4 million companies)

Georgia Manufacturers Register   (HD9727.G4 G43 - library has from 1992-2003 (some gaps))

Official Georgia Manufacturers Directory  (REFERENCE  HF5065.G4 H37)


Canadian Businesses - 2 million companies (access via Reference USA platform)
D&B Million Dollar Database - about 30 million companies worldwide

LexisNexis Academic - Company Dossier (select "Companies" from left frame) Includes many countries (but, limited search capabilities)


D&B Principal International Businesses  (offsite, Library Services Center -- REFERENCE  HF54.U5 P74)

Europe's 15,000 Largest Companies (offsite, Library Services Center -- REFERENCE   HD2356.E9 E93)

Who Owns Whom. Australasia, Asia, Middle East and Africa  (offsite, Library Services Center -- REFERENCE  HG4009.W462)

Who Owns Whom. North and South America  (offsite, Library Services Center -- REFERENCE  HG4009.W464)

Who Owns Whom. United Kingdom and Ireland   (offsite, Library Services Center -- REFERENCE  HG4009.W465)

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