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Company Information: Databases

Research Guide for Company Information resources

A-Z List

All business-related databases.

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Major business databases are listed in the boxes below; in loose priority order within category (click on "i" for info.).

Company Information - Databases

Databases for co. profiles and co. financials are listed first, followed by periodical databases.

Companies - Lists/Directories - Databases

Key Business Databases

In alphabetical order:

Industry Profiles & Statistics - Databases

Also search for articles in newspapers and periodicals for overviews and statistics.

Georgia/Atlanta Business

Listed here are key sources for statistics, company lists, and news.

International Business - Databases

The top 3 sources are Viewswire, IMF e-library, and Passport GMID.  Other databases are listed in alphabetical order.

News Sources

Statistical Information

Key databases; listed in alphabetical order.

For even more resources by subject, see my Research Guide for Statistical Information.

Key Related Databases

Listed in alphabetical order.


Database News

Database Changes:

   Feb. 2019 - Mergent Intellect - NEW - worldwide co. directory; plus some consumer and demographic data.

           Note: has DUNS # ; will replace D&B Million Dollar database

   Oct. 2018 - Business Source Complete upgraded to Business Source Ultimate [provided by state consortia, GALILEO]

   fall 2018 - PrivCo - NEW - info. on about 900,000 private companies - valuation, M&A, deals, investors, and more

   fall 2017 -- US Newsstream - new name of ProQuest Newsstand. Also has link to subset: US Major Dailies.

       international coverage is now in : Global Newsstream

 summer 2017  -- PressReader - NEW - 2-year pilot -- popular periodicals and newspapers. Includes: Fast Company ; Inc. ; Bloomberg BusinessWeek plus major newspapers, U.S. and foreign - including the AJC -- just as they appear in print - with all graphics and ads. From endowment and grant funds

   summer 2017 - SimplyMap - to have a refreshed interface; and, new name: SimplyAnalytics

   summer 2017 - LexisNexis Academic - will have a significantly new interface; and, new name: Nexis Uni

   summer 2016 - IBISWorld - NEW - industry reports

   summer 2016 - SimplyMap - NEW - create maps using thousand of demographic and marketing variables.

   spring 2016 - Business Insights: Global cancelled

   summer 2015: Business Collection replaces Business Insights: Global

   summer 2014: Local Market Audience Analyst (formerly Lifestyles Market Analyst) CANCELLED, due to browser compatibility problems.

   summer 2013: Data-Planet Statistical Datasets is new name of ProQuest Statistical Datasets (new vendor prompted the name change).

   summer 2013: SciTech Connect  - consolidates the contents of DOE Information Bridge and Energy Citations Database.

   Sept. 2012 - Business & Company Resource Center ceased; replaced by Business Insights: Global.

    summer 2012: Page One Economics is new name of Liber8, from the St. Louis Fed. Same info. (highlighting selected economic indicators); in a newsletter format.

   summer 2013:  Scopus - citation database, includes 21,000 journal titles and 5.5 million conference papers.

   summer 2013: Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference - beta release; small subset of company's Statistical Datasets noted above.

   Sept. 2012 - Gartner - IT forecasts and market analysis. Funded by OIT.

   March 2012 - Passport GMID - premier database from Euromonitor for data and analysis on companies, countries, comsumers, and industries worldwide - 8 million statistics.

   March 2012 - OECD iLibrary - statistics for the 34 member countries plus 6 more countries (BRIC ; South Africa; Indonesia), plus OECD Economic Surveys as well as books and publications.

   March 2012 - SBRNet - Sports Business Research Network

   Jan. 2012 - Social Explorer (for current and historical Census). Library has purchased one seat license. Please "sign out" after use.

   Jan. 2012 - Conference Board - Business and Economics Portfolio - Essential core data for key economic indicators (plus archive)

   Jan. 2012 - PROMT - classic source for business articles, with emphasis on marketing and technologies. From GALE.

   Jan. 2012 - Business Insights: Global all-in-one source for basic information. From GALE.

   Fall semester - Bloomberg - previously only available at 2 places on campus.  Now also available in the Library. For use by Tech students, faculty, and staff.

   spring 2012: American Factfinder

   fall 2011 :  ABI/Inform Complete ; Hoover's ; Morningstar Investment Research Center.