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Scholarly Communication, Open Access, and Author Rights: A Guide to Issues: Copyright

To increase awareness of these issues to the GT community.

Copyright - Georgia Tech and USG

See the Tech Library's Course Reserves page, which includes a video about copyright on campus.  There is also a link to the Library's Policy Statement, an essential tool for teaching faculty wanting to post material online.  Please note that when making a request for digitized material (scanned copies or links to online databases), use the Library's online request form.

Copyright - General

Copyright - Media and Video

The Center for Social Media (at American University) has videos and FAQs about fair use. These are listed below.

Copyright - Distance Education

According to UNC-Charlotte's TEACH Act Toolkit, "If you wish to use 3rd party copyrighted materials in your online class, there are three options: meeting the requirements of §110(2) (aka TEACH Act), fair use, or asking permission."