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Blended Research @ The Library Series: Introduction

Guide introduces the series of panel discussions and lists past and future panels.

Blended Research @ The Library

Blended Research @ the Library

About The Series:

Blended Research @ the Library is a panel discussion series focusing on multidisciplinary research. At each session Georgia Tech faculty, postdocs, and graduate students from various departments will be invited to present research in an area that crosses over several disciplines.

We welcome suggestions for presenters and topics for future sessions.  If you have suggestions, you may email the Faculty Engagement Department at


Upcoming Topics

Which topic would you most like to see in a Blended Research session?

Upcoming Topics
Neuroscience: 0 votes (0%)
Photonics: 0 votes (0%)
Green chemistry: 0 votes (0%)
Sustainability: 1 votes (5.88%)
Nanotechnology: 0 votes (0%)
Space science: 0 votes (0%)
Gerontechnology (technology support for the elderly): 16 votes (94.12%)
Total Votes: 17

 Map of Library Location GT Library :: 266 4th Street NW :: Atlanta, GA 30332-0900 :: phone: (404) 894-4500 or 1-888-225-7804