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Blended Research @ the Library

Manipulating Light: From Design to Application   

Tuesday, February 19th

6:00 - 7:30 PM

Neely Gallery, 1st Floor West of the Georgia Tech Library [ map ]

As the thirst for digital information continues to grow, the development of technologies that allow for larger amounts of information to be conveyed at ever faster rates is critical. While electronics has been the workhorse in this area of information technology for over 100 years, photonics—the use of photons (light) for these applications—has made significant inroads over the past 30 years, mainly because of their potential for increased speed and bandwidth. Join us to learn how Georgia Tech researchers are synthesizing the materials that enable photonic devices (a combination of organic and inorganic nanomaterials) and fabricating the devices themselves, and see where these new devices are being applied.

Manipulating Light: From Design to Application is the ninth panel in the Blended Research @ the Library series organized by the Faculty Engagement Department of the Georgia Tech Library. 

Blended Research @ the Library is a panel discussion series focusing on multidisciplinary research. At each session faculty and graduate students from various departments present research in an area that crosses over several disciplines.

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Blended Research @ the Library

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