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PUBP 4200: Social Issues: Linking To
Library Resources

Adding the proxy Server to Links

The Georgia Tech Library uses a proxy server for web security. This prevents unauthorized users from entering the library’s databases and eJournals and illegally downloading content.

We offer two different tools to make linking to restricted library resources a little easier.

Add GT Proxy Bookmark: This tool allows you to connect to databases and eJournals without going through the library website. It is a "must have" for anyone who starts their research somewhere other than the library home page.   See to add this tool to your browser!

LinkMaker:  To link to a Library resource (e.g. electronic database, eJournal) on T-Square, WebCT, electronic syllabi or course web pages use this tool to create enhanced URLs. See to use this tool.

**With both of these tools you will still be prompted to authenticate with your GT ID and password, but the link will bring you directly to the eJournal or database. Once you pass through the proxy you will not be prompted again. However, please note that after 15 minutes of inactivity the proxy will automatically close and you will be required to login again.

Note: This process assumes you have a persistent URL. If the URL contains session information (as sometimes happens when you copy a link from a browser's address bar), it may not work. Also, this process is for subscribed resources – ‘free’ resources available on the web do not go through the proxy server. Please test all the links you add to T-Square, WebCT, or electronic syllabi. 

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