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PUBP 4200: Social Issues: Zotero

About Zotero

With all of the various plug-ins installed and preferences set, it allows you to collect citations, webpages, and PDFs, as well as input citations into documents and creating bibliographies.  It can even work with EndNote to allow for full use of both citation management programs.

Download Links

Go here to download the main Zotero plug-in.

Everytime you download a plug-in for Firefox, you will get a yellow bar along the top of the browser asking if you want to allow the installation.  For these plug-ins, and thus the software, to work, you must click on Allow for every one.

Depending on the type of computer you have, and the word processor, there are different word processor plug-ins needed.

For Windows machines with Microsoft Word, go here.

For Macintosh machines with either OpenOffice or NeoOffice, go here.

For Macintosh machines with Microsoft Word, there are actually two plug-ins necessary for Zotero and Word to communicate.  Download them here and here.

Once all of the plug-ins are downloaded, you will need to restart Firefox and your word processor for Zotero to function.

These are all links for the most recent versions of Firefox and Zotero.  If you have older versions of either, go to Zotero's word prosessor plug-in page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the tutorials before going through the frequently asked questions.

How do I get Zotero to automatically import attached PDFs?

This option is not automatically set.  To set it, you must go into the preferences section and select the box marked "Automatically attach associated PDFs and other files when saving items."

When I try to Export a citation to EndNote from a database, the citation automatically goes into Zotero.  How do I stop this?

Again, the preferences have to be changed to allow citations to be directly imported into EndNote.  Once in the preferences section, uncheck the box next to "Use Zotero for downloaded RIS/Refer files."  You can still import these citations and PDFs into Zotero by using the icons on the screen.

Zotero has a list of updated frequently asked questions on their web page, and links to other useful information from here.

Zotero Tutorials

Zotero has several screencast tutorials available here.

See also the research guide to Zotero by Jason Puckett, author of a book on Zotero.

Zotero Training Sessions

Hands-on training sessions are offered each semester for Zotero.  (list of classes available)


These hands-on sessions will include:
• Downloading records/citations from science & engineering & other bibliographic databases (Web of Science, INSPEC, Compendex, etc.)
• Entering records manually into a Zotero library
• Organizing your references in Zotero
• Manipulating records (sorting, formatting, etc.) within Zotero
• Importing records/citation into Word and creating a formatted bibliography.


No pre-registration is needed for these sessions.

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