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Ebooks @ GA Tech: Overview

An overview of ebook collections at GA Tech.

ebooks = access to over 900,000 books from anywhere, anytime

Ebook guides

Ebook Basics

What you need to know:

  • Account required to download or checkout an ebook - Ebscohost Ebooks & Ebook Central.
    • For Ebsco, any e-mail address can be used to create the account; it is independent of logging into GA Tech.
      • This will also let you use added features such as adding to a bookshelf, highlighting text, adding notes, saving a search, etc.
    • For Ebook Central your account is tied to your GA Tech account.  Simply select Georgia Institute of Technology from the list of Open Athens institutions.
      • Once you login via GA Tech, you will be able to use all of the features and functionality of Ebook Central. 
      • If you previously created an Ebrary account, the bookshelf items can be moved to Ebook Central. Click on the Bookshelf icon --This will pop up a dialog to move items from your Ebrary bookshelf to Ebook Central.
  • Adobe Digital Editions will more than likely be required to read ebooks outside of the ebook collection.
    • This is not the same as Adobe Reader. Some books are available in other formats, such as ePub, which may or may not require specific software for viewing.
  • There may be limited users.
    • While many of our ebook collections offer unlimited access, some collections (Ebscohost Ebooks and Ebook Central) have limited user titles. If someone else is using a title with limited access, you may not be able to access the book at that time. Try again at another time.

Finding ebooks

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