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Gadgets: GoPro Cameras

This LibGuide was created to offer practical information about the devices available for check out from the Georgia Tech library.

GoPro HERO Cameras

The GT library has a limited number of GoPro HERO cameras available for check out.  The GoPros differ from traditional camcorders in that they are designed for recording wide angle HD video in rugged, or extreme, environments.  GoPros can also be worn, mounted, or easily configured for remote recording.  Demand for the GoPros is high, so please plan ahead and email or click the "request a gadget" button to check availability.  If you haven't used a GoPro before, please note that in your email so we can give you a brief overview at check out.  Additional information about the GoPros can be found below.

Getting Started with the HERO3 - Video Tutorial

GoPro Accessories

Go Pro Tripod Mount:  If you plan on using the GoPro with a standard tripod, you'll need to use the GoPro Tripod mount to attach the base of the GoPro to your tripod -- these mounts are available at the library services desk.

Go Pro Handlebar Mount / "Gooseneck" Mount:  The Gooseneck mount will allow you to mount the GoPro to bicycle handlebars.  You can also use the gooseneck mount in conjunction with the tripod mount to achieve unique recording angles.



Operating the Go Pro with the downloadable app:

GoPro cameras can be operated via the downloadable app (available through the App Store, Google Play, and the Windows Store).  With the app, you can see a live video feed from the GoPro through your mobile device.  You can also use the app to view/share photos and videos to social media. 

While the GoPro does come with a wireless remote, the smartphone app is often the simplest way to record remotely.  When using the app, you will need the wifi log in for the camera (see the services desk or the documentation included with the library GoPro).  For more information, check the GoPro App site here: GoPro App

Camera Layout

Camera displayed without waterproof housing and stand:

Go Pro Cameras - Loan Policies

Loan Policies:

The library has two models of GoPro Cameras available for checkout (HERO 3+ Silver & HERO 3+ Black).  Both cameras can be controlled via the GoPro app.  The HERO 3+ Black edition also includes a WiFi remote.  GoPros circulate for two days at a time, and there are additional accessories available for check out from the library services desk.  Demand for the GoPros is high, so please plan accordingly.  You can email to check availability.


131'/40m Waterproof Housing

Wi-Fi Built In

Supports Wi-Fi Remote and GoPro App

Professional Video:

   Resolution       Frames Per Second:                  View Angle
     1080p               60,50,30,25        Ultra Wide, Med, Narrow
       960p               60,50,30,25                    Ultra Wide
       720p           120,100,60,50,30,25        Ultra Wide, Med, Narrow
     WVGA               120,100,60,50                    Ultra Wide


Photo Mode:

Resolutions: 10, 7, 5 MP

Burst Photo: 10MP @ 10fps

Time Lapse: 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 30, 60 second intervals.

File Type:

Video files are recorded using the h.264 codec and the MP4 file type.


What Can I Do WIth a GoPro? (Demo Videos from GoPro)

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