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Gadgets: Peripherals

This LibGuide was created to offer practical information about the devices available for check out from the Georgia Tech library.

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Graphing Calculators

TI-83,84, and 89 advanced graphing calculators are available for four hour loans.  The calculators come with software and connection cables.

Peripheral Cables and Adapters

Various USB, Firewire,and HDMI cables are available for four hour loans from the Library Services Desk.  Mac Magsafe chargers, Lightning to USB cables, and Thunderbolt to HDMI cables are also available for check out.  Check with the Library Services Desk for additional information about peripheral and adapter availability.

Portable Scanners

Canon LIDE 200 portable scanners are available for a four hour loan.  The scanners come with a carry case, USB cable, stand, software, and a user's guide.


Styli for the Cintiq tablets, located in the Design Lab on 2nd floor west, are available from the Services Desk.  The styli are available for a four hour, in library, loan.

Wacom Tablets

Wacom Intuos Graphics Tablets are available in various sizes.  The Wacom tablets circulate for four hours, outside of the building, and include: stylus, base, USB cable, guide, and software.  The tablets are ideally suited for working with the Adobe Creative Suite software available in the Multimedia Studio.

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