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2018 Income Tax - Forms and Instruction Booklets

FEDERAL Forms and Instruction Booklets

  • In the Library:

    The Library is part of the IRS tax form distribution program (TFOP). This year, 1040A and 1040EZ will no longer be used.

         So, we have two items:

             the 1040 instructions [117 pages; it is newsprint-colored],

            and the 1040 "booklet" [about 8 pages; it is white with blue lettering] which includes the instructions, and Schedules 1-6.


  • Online:     

    GA Dept of Revenue website has Form IT-511 booklets, Form 500 and Form 500-EZ 


              Select “Quick Links” for the tax booklet (IT-511) and for Form 500 and Form 500EZ

                   Or, click on:  IT-511 booklet ; Form 500 ; Form 500EZ

         As of tax year 2018, Dept. of Revenue will NO LONGER issue or distribute a print version.

        Ga. Dept. of Revenue Regional Office – nearest is at:

                       1800 Century Blvd. NW, Suite 12000, Atlanta 30345

                       For other locations, see: