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International Business: Databases

Research Guide for International Business resources

Other International Databases

Canadian Businesses - company directory - access via Reference USA platform

China Data Online - access is via Data-Planet Statistical Datasets - Select "browse by source" folder.

A-Z List

All business-related databases.

Click on "i" icon for more info.


Major business databases are listed in the boxes below; in loose priority order within category (click on "i" for info.).

International Business - Databases

The top 3 sources are Viewswire, IMF e-library, and Passport GMID.  Other databases are listed in alphabetical order.

Key Business Databases

In alphabetical order:

Company Information - Databases

Databases for co. profiles and co. financials are listed first, followed by periodical databases.

Companies - Lists/Directories - Databases

Industry Profiles & Statistics - Databases

Also search for articles in newspapers and periodicals for overviews and statistics.

Georgia/Atlanta Business

Listed here are key sources for statistics, company lists, and news.

News Sources

Statistical Information

Key databases; listed in alphabetical order.

For more sources, by broad subject, see the tab "Statistics" on this Guide. For even more resources by subject, see my Research Guide for Statistical Information.

Key Related Databases

Listed in alphabetical order.


Database News - International Databases

fall 2017 -- ProQuest divided up its newspaper database -- Global Newsstream is new name for international coverage.

STAT-USA ceased on Sept. 30, 2010. The major international business sources from this database are available online and are listed below.

     Country Commercial Guides (select "report type")

     Market Research Library (select "report type")

     Trade Leads


     USA Trade Online  - numerous detailed statistics (ask at the Information Services Desk to be logged in; password required)


     Background Notes (brief country overviews from the U.S. State Dept.) 

     Country Profiles: Country Studies (in-depth overviews from the Library of Congress)

     World Factbook (brief country overviews from the CIA)  "country comparisons" is useful feature

For more sources, see the comprehensive  STAT-USA Guide (developed by the Documents Librarian at UCF, Rich Gause).

Database News

Database Changes [for databases with international info.]:

   summer 2017 - PressReader - NEW - 2-year pilot -- popular periodicals and newspapers. Includes: Fast Company ; Inc. ; Bloomberg BusinessWeek plus major newspapers, US and foreign - including the AJC -- just as they appear in print - with all graphics and ads. From endowment and grant funds

   summer 2017 -- LexisNexis Academic - will have a significantly new interface; and, new mane - Nexis Uni

   summer 2015 - Business Insights: Global cancelled

   summer 2014: Local Market Audience Analyst (formerly Lifestyles Market Analyst) CANCELLED, due to browser compatibility problems.

   summer 2013: Data-Planet Statistical Datasets is new name of ProQuest Statistical Datasets (new vendor prompted the name change).

   summer 2013: SciTech Connect  - consolidates the contents of DOE Information Bridge and Energy Citations Database.

   Sept. 2012 - Business & Company Resource Center ceased; replaced by Business Insights: Global.

    summer 2012: Page One Economics is new name of Liber8, from the St. Louis Fed. Same info. (highlighting selected economic indicators); in a newsletter format.

New Databases:

   summer 2013:  Scopus - citation database, includes 21,000 journal titles and 5.5 million conference papers.

   summer 2013: Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference - beta release; small subset of company's Statistical Datasets noted above.

   Sept. 2012 - Gartner - IT forecasts and market analysis. Funded by OIT.

   March 2012 - Passport GMID - premier database from Euromonitor for data and analysis on companies, countries, comsumers, and industries worldwide - 8 million statistics.

   March 2012 - OECD iLibrary - statistics for the 34 member countries plus 6 more countries (BRIC ; South Africa; Indonesia), plus OECD Economic Surveys as well as books and publications.

   March 2012 - SBRNet - Sports Business Research Network

   Jan. 2012 - Social Explorer (for current and historical Census). Library has purchased one seat license. Please "sign out" after use.

   Jan. 2012 - Conference Board - Business and Economics Portfolio - Essential core data for key economic indicators (plus archive)

   Jan. 2012 - PROMT - classic source for business articles, with emphasis on marketing and technologies. From GALE.

   Jan. 2012 - Business Insights: Global - all-in-one source for basic information. From GALE.

   Fall semester - Bloomberg - previously only available at 2 places on campus.  Now also available in the Library. For use by Tech students, faculty, and staff.

New interface:

   spring 2012: American Factfinder

   fall 2011 :  ABI/Inform Complete ; Hoover's ; Morningstar Investment Research Center.

ProQuest Statistical databases

 ProQuest Statistical Insight (formerly LexisNexis Statistical Insight) includes summaries (abstracts) of statistical information from many international providers.  We have, on microfiche, the full set of the books included in the "International Index to Statistics" - IIS.  How to find this valuable information?

     Within the database, use Advanced Search. In the search box, select "source/publisher", then "list", then "international organizations". Change the sort order to "date published".  Note the full IIS number (including year).  On the 2nd floor microfiche area, look for: HA154.I542.  Staff will be happy to assist you.

     Examples of publisher:  International Telecommunication Union.

Note: Data-Planet Statistical Datasets is the new name (summer 2013) of ProQuest Statistical Datasets- it includes China Data Online (with more info. than on library's previous free subscription).


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