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CFY Healthy Communities Guide: Home

Types of Information Formats

Think about the type of information you need?                  Do you want -

History & overview - books, encyclopedias, archival materials

Scholarly & academic - peer-reviewed journal articles, theses & dissertations, conference proceedings

Technical data - specifiations, standards, buidling codes, patents, datasets

Government data or statistics- municipal codes, federal & local government data




Before you begin your search, it helps to understand when & how information is published

Timeline Where reported/published
Day of event Internet, Television, Radio
Next day of event Newspapers
Several weeks later Magazines/Trade Journals
6 months - 1 year Scholarly Journals
1 - 2 years later Books, Government reports
Several years later Theses/Dissertations, Bibliography

How Information is Organized

First put your topic in "context"   Where does it fit into the scheme of knowledge (Social Sciences, Humanities, Applied Sciences)   What is the main subject area or discipline or is it mutidisplinary?   See examples below.

 TOPIC                                      ACADEMIC DISCIPLINE                         TYPE OF INFORMATION

Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture                Images, Drawings, Books, Articles                 
Ergonomic chair Industrial Design Images, Design Sketches, Patents
Smart construction practices Construction (Architecture) BIM, Specs & Standards, Building Codes, Articles
Community playgrounds Planning (Public Health/Architecture) City codes, Drawings, Articles
Fun Theory (Space & behavior) Psychology (ID/Architecture) Images, Sketches/Drawings, Articles
Bicycle networks Planning (Architecture) City codes, Transportation plans, GIS/Maps
Presidential election trends Political Science Government Info, Datasets, Think Tank Reports
Car engine design Mechanical Engineering Patents, Specs/Standards, Drawings
Jane Austen Literature Archival Materials, Books, Articles
Business cycle Economics Datasets, Government Info, Articles


What is a Database?