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GT 1201. Grand Challenges Living Learning Community: Services, Printing, Linking, Clough Commons (Tutoring, OIT)

Library Research Guide

Library Services, Database Guides


  • Ask at the Public Library Services area for instructions as to enlargements, prints and scans of microfilm and microfiche materials.
  • OIT Printing  Note costs for printing (beyond $2.20 each week).  Print jobs can also be submitted from student's personal computer by downloading the OIT Mobile Print Package available on the OIT Software Distribution website. CentralPS - printed offsite and delivered to the student bins in the Student Center (2nd floor). There is a "1200 page print limit for central-ps per user per semester. Once the user's quota is expended, no further printing will be allowed through the central-ps service." OIT printing webpage.
  • Printing and scanning (Library). OIT printing. Printing flyer.
  • Copiers. Photocopy machines are available. Use BuzzCard. Consider scanning then printing.