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ENGL-1102 with Dr Ioanes: How different effects create mood

Help with iMovie and how to create a mood in a video

Contrasting footage with a split screen


  • What do the side by side clips make you feel? Why does the center black divider remain when both sides of the screen combine into a single image? 
  • Why are some parts of the video reversed? 

Stock footage and music

WARNING: Video contains brief, partial nudity. 


  • What places this video in the South? What footage could have been shot anywhere? 
  • What is the feeling of the music? What kind of show do you think you're going to watch? 

Color and juxtaposition


  • What is the effect of the color white in this video? Is it subversive?  
  • Goldfrapp (the woman singing) has big, curly hair for every other video she shot for this album. Why did she straighten it for this video? 

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