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Gender Studies/LGBTQIA Resources @ Georgia Tech: Research Resources

This website shows Library information available for the GT LGBTQIA community and Gender Studies scholars,

Did You Know That,,,

the designer of the Pride Flag was Gilbert Baker of Kansas?  

Photo and Article from: Vella, M. (2017, April 17). Gilbert Baker. Time, p. 15.

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Book Search

Two of major ebook providers are Ebsco and ProQuest, however, these are not the only providers.  We also obtain titles from other publishers.  Please visit the ebooks guide (link in the left hand column) to see more ebook collections. 

Ebook Central

Ebsco Ebooks


Search the library catalog to see book titles, including print books. The Library also has film and conference proceedings related to Gender Studies and LGBTQIA topics.

LGBT (includes Queer), "Gender Studies","Coming Out", Intersectional (includes intersectionality)

Queer"Queer People of Color", Intersex (includes Intersexuality), Asexual (includes asexuality)

LesbianGayBisexual (includes Bisexuality), Transgender*(includes Transgendered),

"Sexually Fluid"AromanticGenderqueerNon-BinaryPansexual

Older Search Term: Homosexual (includes homosexuality)


Find Journals Subject

Use the Journals A-Z list to find journals by title.  Below are some pre-defined searches to get started.

LGBTGender StudiesLesbianGayBisexualTrangender/Transgendered,QueerIntersectionality.

Gender/LGBTQIA Databases

You can access articles from research journals, conference proceedings, newspapers, magazines, and other sources from these databases.

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