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E-Resource Access & Open Athens @ GeorgiaTech

This guide will provide information on accessing GA Tech e-resources,both on and off-campus.

About Open Athens

The Georgia Tech Library has moved from proxy based remote authentication to Open Athens, which sometimes requires login to resources, even if on campus. The login process can vary depending on the resource and if you are on or off campus. This guide will provide TIPS and FAQs.  If you encounter problems accessing a resource you believe you should have access to, please send an e-mail providing the name of resource you are trying to access if you are on or off campus, to 

About VPN

When accessing library resources remotely, VPN is recommended. While the majority of our resources can be accessed without being on VPN, some cannot.  Using VPN should also reduce the number of resources you have to login to.  All questions on setting up and using VPN should be addressed to OIT. 


General Tips for accessing eresources provided by the Georgia Tech Library:

  • Access resources from the library's Database A-Z list. This will make authentication much easier and in some cases, seamless.
  • If you choose not access the resource from the library's Database A-Z list, log into a Georgia Tech app, such as e-mail, prior to using eresources.  This will basically login you into all Georgia Tech resources, including most of the eresources provided by the Library.  This does not include the logging into the library. You must be logged into a Georgia Tech resource that uses dual authentication. This will only work if you remain in the same browser. 
  • If you aren't getting an article you think we should have, check the dates of coverage for the journal you are using. Sometimes, we have the journal but may not have the date you need. Check dates using Journal Search (you must click on the Journal Title to see dates of coverage).
  • Always log into a resource using Institutional Login (wording may vary by vendor).  Never just enter a password - it will not recognize you. 
  • There may be multiple steps to get logged in.  See the FAQ for more information.
  • If off-campus, using VPN is recommended.
  • Sometimes, browser caching is the culprit. If you are having problems, try clearing the browser cache and restarting the browser or try using a different browser. 

Video Tutorials

Use this tutorial to learn how to access resources using Open Athens.

Use this video to set up Google Scholar to display Georgia Tech links for content held by Georgia Tech.