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PUBP 6012 - Fundamentals of Policy Processes: Legislative Histories: State-level (including Georgia)

Bill Tracking via Nexis Uni database


Nexis Uni allows for Bill Tracking at the state-level. Let's use the example of "autonomous vehicles." Suppose you want to stay informed about any legislative developments related to autonomous vehicles at the state-level.


First, go to the Nexis Uni database. Then, click on "Advanced Search":

Next, click on "Legal":



Then, select Statutes and Legislation and click on US Bill Tracking:


Try searching for "autonomous vehicles" and sort by Date (Newest-first).



The results will allow you to track proposed changes in legislation related to "autonomous vehicles" across the 50 states. Most entries will cite the specific state bill and many entries link to the original text of the legislation as well. You can also limit to specific states using the left-side navigation ("Jurisdiction").



US State-level Legislative Histories