Research/Writing/Citing Sources

This guide will help you learn how to conduct research, how to write well, and how to avoid plagiarism by citing your sources.

Guides to Grammar

This section of the Writing & Grammar guide offers different websites that may assist with catching grammatical errors and give suggestions on how to correct them.  When writing academic papers, grammar, format and intent matters a great deal and generally does affect how a document  is received and graded.

Blogs about Academic Writing

The links provided in this section give advice and assistance about how to write papers so that they are clear and have a logical and easily understood linear sequence. 

Guides to Writing Well - General

The guides provided in this section are about how to write your papers well without attention to academic discipline. There are some popular writing guides such as the Purdue OWL  Writing Lab, and some lesser known sites that offer excellent guidance to writers about how to write various documents including scientific documents, technical writing, case studies, business writing and observational research. 

Guides to Writing Well in Science and Technology

This section is directed to students who specifically write scientific papers.  There is information provided for example, about  how to format and input quantitative and qualitative data and also how to correctly format different types of scientific documents.