Research/Writing/Citing Sources

This guide will help you learn how to conduct research, how to write well, and how to avoid plagiarism by citing your sources.

What Exactly is Citation Software or Management?

Citation software also called citation managers, assist scholars with accumulating and organizing their documents in one place, allows sharing the documents with collaborators, easily creating bibliographies in the desired citation format, remove duplicate citations and provide plug-ins for some word processing programs to make in document citation easier. Writing papers means researching and gathering relevant information from multiple sources, organizing those documents, and giving credit to the author or authors of the different work.  Creating citations from scratch for sourced documents can be time intensive especially if there are many items to note and using the citation software can cut down time spent on these efforts. 

Endnote and Mendeley, two very popular citation software and management providers, are explained in detail in their respective research guides. Their tabs are labeled and directly linked to in-depth information about how to effectively use them. There are many other citation service providers and they are introduced as well in this reference guide.  

GaTech Library Citation Software & Program Training Events

The Georgia Tech Library offers courses on a variety of subjects including citation software and management programs. 

The provided link will take you to the Georgia Tech Library Classes and Events Calendar which has the available citation learning opportunities and all other library events: