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Technical Reports: Indexes

Research Guide for Technical Reports

Major Report Indexes & Databases

Subject Librarians provide GT students and faculty/staff with expert quick and in-depth reference and search assistance.

For individual technical reports, Georgia Tech students and faculty/staff can request copies of technical reports by filling out an ILLiad request form. Please indicate in the ILLiad "Notes" field that this is a technical report, and mention where it was cited (in the NTIS database, etc.).

NTIS Database (1964+) and Pre-1964 Report Indexes

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)  (1964-present)
Note: Requires a Georgia Tech faculty, staff or registered student user name and password.
NTIS is an excellent starting point for technical reports. The database contains bibliographic information and summaries of over two million scientific, technical, engineering, and business reports acquired by NTIS. NTIS is also the lead U.S. Government agency for cooperation in international technical information exchange. Twenty percent of all new titles come from foreign sources through various international exchange agreements.

For further information on this database, a PDF version of The NTIS Database Search Guide (89 pages) is available.

For reports older than 1964:

Government Reports and Announcements Index (GRAI). Bibliography of scientific and industrial reports (1946-1994)
Call Number: Z7916.B47
Access is by subject, report number, author, and corporate source. Published by NTIS.

Selected pre-1964 reports are indexed in the NTRS: NASA Technical Report Server and also in the DTIC Public Technical Reports database.

Bibliography of Scientific and Industrial Reports. An Online Resource (index to selective early PB technical report numbers). Prepared for the web by Robert L. Bolin, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln NE. Selective coverage (ongoing project).  "The Bibliography of Scientific and Industrial Report is being digitized one issue at a time beginning with Volume 1, Issue 6."

Correlation Index of Technical Reports (AD-PB Reports) Call Number: Z7913.U46.  Criss-cross directory of NASA "N" numbers and DOD "AD" numbers, 1962-1986 Call Number: Z5063 .A2 C95X 1984


Advanced Technologies and Aerospace Database  (1962-present)
Note: Requires a Georgia Tech faculty, staff or registered student user name and password.
The Aerospace & High Technology Database provides bibliographic coverage of basic and applied research in aeronautics, astronautics, and space sciences. In addition to periodic literature, the database also includes coverage of reports issued by NASA, other U.S. government agencies, international institutions, universities, and private firms. Sources covered include over 3,000 periodicals, conference proceedings, technical reports, trade journal/newsletter items, patents, books, and press releases. Print equivalents are International Aerospace Abstracts (IAA) and Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports (STAR).

Scientific & Technical Aerospace Reports (STAR). (1963-1995, & earlier titles back to 1915). Call Number: TL500.S35
This abstracting and indexing journal covers the worldwide technical report literature on the science and technology of space and aeronautics. Types of materials covered include: NASA, NASA contractor, and NASA grantee reports; reports issued by other U.S. government agencies, domestic and foreign institutions, universities, and private firms; translations in report form; NASA-owned, other government agency, and foreign patents and patent applications; and domestic and foreign dissertations and theses emphasizing aeronautics, space science, and supporting disciplines. Abstracts in STAR are categorized by 10 major subject divisions that are divided into 76 specific subject categories. The 10 major categories are: Aeronautics, Astronautics, Chemistry and Materials Engineering, Geosciences, Life Sciences, Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Physics, Social Sciences, Space Sciences and General. The 76 specific categories may be viewed in one of the current online issues of STAR.

International Aerospace Abstracts (1961-2002). Call Number: TL500.I57. This index does not focus on technical reports. Instead it complements STAR by abstracting book, journal, conference and other literature.

NTRS: NASA Technical Report Server (1915-present)
Includes citations for technical reports from 1915 to the present, some full-text NACA Reports, and selected full-text NASA Reports. NASA's technical information is available via the NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS) to provide access to NASA's publicly available technical literature.

Tip Sheet on Finding GT NACA/NASA Reports, authored by Kathy Tomajko, retired librarian, Georgia Tech Library


The publicly available DTIC Online Department of Defense database provides access to citations of unclassified unlimited documents that have been entered into DTIC's Technical Reports Collection, as well as the electronic full-text of selected documents. The database has over 850,000 public release records. Qualified Georgia Tech researchers -- contact Bette Finn for searches of DTIC's R&E Gateway's controlled access reports databases.


U.S. Department of Energy DOE research results database (1948-present)
Search 3+ million Department of Energy research results. Search tools:
Advanced search: complex searches, offering you a number of fields, such as Title, Author, document Type, or Publication date. 
To access the advanced Search, select the green drop-down arrow from the search bar, either on the homepage or at the top of any subsequent page. 
To access all advanced search features, click on the “More Options” selection at the bottom of the advanced search.
Consolidates the contents of OSTI's DOE Information Bridge (full-text document coverage primarily from 1991 forward) and Energy Citations Database (DOE publicly available citations from 1948 through the present). Contains bibliographic records for energy and energy-related scientific and technical information from the Department of Energy (DOE) and its predecessor agencies, the Energy Research & Development Administration (ERDA) and the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC).

Energy Research Abstracts (1976-1995). Call Number: Z5853.P83 U5441X. This indexing and abstracting service covers all areas of energy-related information produced by the DOE and other U.S. government organizations, and foreign governments. The index will note the location of the article.

Nuclear Science Abstracts (1948-1976). Call Number: QC770.U64. Includes technical reports of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration and its contractors, other agencies, universities, and industrial and research organizations. The cumulative indexes allow you to check multiple years and will give updated information on a report. For example, an old Argonne National Lab (ANL) report may later have been published as an article. Continued in part by Energy Research Abstracts.

American and British atomic energy reports: A list of reports on atomic energy released by the Office of Technical Services.  PB 87782


EPA Documents

National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP)
EPA's electronic documents site allows you to search view and print, including full images of all original pages and full-text, from a collection of over 11,000 archival and current documents. This collection may include documents that are no longer available in print form. Includes 400 Series (Air and Radiation, OAR), 500 Series (Solid Waste and Emergency Response, OSWER), 600 Series (Research and Development, ORB), 700 Series (Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances, OPPTS) and 800 Series (Water, OW) and others.

EPA Cumulative Bibliography (1970-1976). Call Number: EP1.21/7-2. Contains bibliographic citations, abstracts, and indexes for reports generated by EPA and its predecessor agencies and entered into the NTIS collection through 1976. The six indexes are: Title, Subject (Keyword), Corporate Author, Personal Author, Contract Number, and Accession/Report Number.

EPA Publications Bibliography (1977-1983). This volume contains all the indexes of the original 7-year culmination, plus a Sponsoring EPA Office index.

EPA Publications Bibliography (1984-1990). Contains the same indexes as the previous volume current: Quarterly Abstract Bulletin: The fourth issue of each volume contains abstracts for that quarter plus complete cumulated indexes for that year.

EPA Index. Call Number: Z5863 .P7 E6 1983. For reports published prior to 1982 that were distributed to federal depository libraries or cited in the U.S. Government Printing Office's Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications, numeric and alphabetical title indexes provide Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) classification number and NTIS accession/order numbers. EPA reports are sometimes sent to federal depository libraries in both paper and microfiche formats. The index indicates the format(s) and whether the SuDocs number varies as to format.


The Georgia Tech Library offers mediated searches of the DoD Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) R&E Gateway classified and limited distribution technical reports database. Searches are limited to qualified Georgia Tech researchers with the proper security clearances. For further information contact Bette Finn, 404-894-1790.


Monthly Catalog of US Government Publications,1895-1976 Comprehensive index to historical information published by the United States federal government between Jan 1895 and June 1976. Contains selected technical reports.

GPO Monthly Catalog 1976 to current. .

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications

GPO MetaLib ; Monthly Catalog (current) - Galileo database; CGP Catalog

Monthly Catalogue - United States Public Documents (1895 - 1995) Call Number: GP3.8:

Government Information Research Guide

TRAIL - Technical Report Archive & Image Library (selected reports). Search selected U.S. government technical reports, issued primarily prior to 1975 and digitized by the TRAIL Working Groups.

Other databases that include selected full text technical reports


The Georgia Tech Library holds over 2,000,000 microfiche technical reports. The period from 1960 to 2007 is the most heavily represented, although older reports dating from 1900 are available.

For individual technical reports, Georgia Tech students and faculty/staff should request copies of technical reports by filling out an ILLiad request form. Please indicate in the ILLiad "Notes" field that this is a technical report, and mention where it was cited (in the NTIS database, etc.).

Selected electronic and print technical reports are listed in the Catalog

Check the NTIS database record for an alternative source. Occasionally an alternative paper source, such as a journal article or conference proceeding will be specified in NTIS. If such a source is listed, the Catalog should be searched to determine availability. 

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