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Patents and Trademarks: Quick Guide: Patent Services


Patent Services

Why use the Georgia Tech Patent Depository Library?

  • The Georgia Tech Library is the only USPTO Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC) Library in Georgia.
  • All available patents issued in the U.S. since 1790 are on file.
  • Databases and other resources for searching patents and for learning about the patent application process are also available.

What assistance will I get?

  • Library staff will train the searcher to use the patent classification system, databases, and other tools.
  • Library staff will identify potentially relevant resources.
  • Library staff cannot: offer legal advice, do the patent search, assist in writing the application, or warrant the completeness of the search or the patentability of the item.
  • For legal assistance, please contact a registered patent attorney or agent.

Can I access patent information from home?

  • A preliminary patent search can be done by searching, using the USPTO Patent Classification System. Keyword searching only goes back to 1976.
  • The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office web site has searchable front page information for patents issued since 1976 and full text printable patent images issued since 1790. To view and print full text patent images including drawings follow instructions given at:
  • How to Access Full-page Images. Note that only one page at a time can be viewed and/or printed.

Can I get copies of patents?

What books might I read?

  • There are many valuable books about patents at the Georgia Tech Library, your local library, and at bookstores.
  • Some particularly useful publications include:
         General Information Concerning Patents (USPTO)
         Patent It Yourself by David Pressman published by Nolo Press.