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Patents and Trademarks: Quick Guide: Trademark Services


Trademark Services

Why use the Georgia Tech Patent Depository Library?

  • The Georgia Tech Library is the only Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC) Library in Georgia.
  • Other resources for searching trademarks and for learning about the application process are also available.


What assistance will I get?

  • Library staff will train the searcher to use the trademark databases, and other tools.
  • Library staff will identify potentially relevant resources.
  • Library staff cannot: offer legal advice, assist in writing the application, or warrant the completeness of the search or the trademark-ability of the item.
  • For legal assistance, please contact an attorney skilled in intellectual property matters. Some are identified in the registered patent attorney or agent listing.


Can I access trademark information from home?


What books might I read?

  • There are many valuable books about trademarks at the Georgia Tech Library, your local library, and at bookstores.
  • Some particularly useful publications include: