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Earthquake Engineering: Linking to Resources

LibX - GT Web Localizer

Web Localizer - LibX GT!

LibX GT is a search and discovery add-on/plug-in for your web browser.

  • Pop-out Search Box: LibX GT is a Firefox/IE plug-in that allows you to quickly search the GT catalog, eJournals, Google Scholar, Find It @ GT and other search tools
  • Right-click menu: When you have installed LibX GT you can highlight text on a web page or PDF and right-click for a menu of search options
  • Embedded links: LibX GT will also embed links on search results in Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Scholar, NYT Book Reviews, and more that will lead you to GT-only resources

See the LibX GT page for instructions on use, and to download/install LibX GT!

GT Proxy - Linking to Library Resources

The Georgia Tech Library uses a proxy server for web security. This prevents unauthorized users from entering the library’s databases and eJournals and illegally downloading content.

We offer two different tools to make linking to restricted library resources a little easier:

1) Add GT Proxy Bookmark

This tool allows you to connect to databases and eJournals without going through the library website. It is a "must have" for anyone who starts their research somewhere other than the library home page.

2) LinkMaker

To link to a Library resource (e.g. electronic database, eJournal) on T-Square, WebCT, electronic syllabi or course web pages use this tool to create enhanced URLs.

Find out more on how to make these tools work, GO!