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Industrial Design Guide: Material ConneXion

Material XonneXion

Tips on Searching Material ConneXion database

Material ConneXion database provides images & information on over 7,500 materials.

The company relies on an independent jury of design practitioners to determine whether a new material or process is worthy of inclusion.


ORGANIZATION: Materials are organized into 8 categories, based on their CHEMISTRY: Ceramic, Polymer Ceramic, Cement-based, Carbon-based, Glass, Natural, Metal, Process


SEARCHING : Search by MC# (inventory number), material name, manufacturer name, or country.

(When searching by MC#, do NOT type MC# before the number, just enter 822701)


REFINE search within the categories of Processing, Physical Properties, Performance, Sustainability, Availability                                                                                                 (Each record provides a full description & the manufacturers contact information).

For example, you could search for Polymers

  • that can be Injection Molded,
  • have a Glossy Surface Texture
  • have High UV Resistance
  • are Biodegradable