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CFY Healthy Communities Guide: Types of Journals

Difference Between Types of Journals

Scholarly/Academic                                 Trade/Professional   

Popular Magazines

Journals provide reports of original research; in-depth analysis of issues related to the academic discipline. Articles are wirtten by scholars or researchers in the  field and often very technical. Articles undergo peer review before acceptance for publication to insure research reported is of high quaility and validity. Articles are always documented by formal citation of sources. Journals written for those in a profession. They provide industry news, trends & product information, and career news. Articles may be wirtten by experts or paid writers, most are not peer-reviewed. They may contain some references and interviews but not formal citations, usually contain advertisments. Journals may be in a newspaper format.

Magazines are written for the general public, to sell products and to entertain the reader. They provide news on current trends, events and popular culture. Articles are usually short, rarely cite any sources, contain many advertisements and written by staff writers  They are not peer reviewed.

ARQ: Architecture Research Quarterly

Design Journal

Environment & Planning

Journal of Architecture

Journal of Architectural & Planning Research

Journal of Urban Design

Journal of Planning Literature


Town Planning Review


Architectural Record


Building Design & Construction



Interior Design


Architectural Digest



House Beautiful


Old House Journal