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Election 2016: The Issues

The Race to the White House


Foreign Policy

Search Tips

In searching for articles or a candidate's opinions on issues, consider synonyms - as well as specific aspects of the issue.

           For example: medical care ; healthcare ; health care  [note that it could  be a phrase]

           More specific:  Affordable Care Act

           Even more specific:  maternity leave ; family leave


PolitiFact (from the Tampa Bay Times) ....  

has a  Truth-o-Meter

  PolitiFactGeorgia - In partnership with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. From the AJC: To fact-check a claim, reporters first contact the speaker to verify the statement. Next, the research begins. Reporters consults a variety of sources, including industry and academic experts. This research can take hours or a few days or even longer, depending on the claim. Reporters then compile the research into story form and include a recommended Truth-O-Meter ruling. The fact check then moves on to a panel of veteran editors who debate the statement and the reporter's recommended Truth-O-Meter ruling. The panel votes on a final ruling; majority prevails.


Read several newspapers, in order to get different perspectives on the candidates and on the coverage.

Also, some newspapers endorse candidates; the Atlanta newspaper, the AJC, does not.  Search for "editorial" or "editorial board".