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Other Newspapers

  • Atlanta Journal and Atlanta Constitution. Indexing for gap in full text online:
  1. Atlanta journal, The Atlanta constitution index (Annual). Library has: 1982--2000. Library Service Center Reference. Call Number: AI21 .A832X
  2. The Atlanta Journal the Atlanta Constitution; Atlanta, Ga. Citation/Abstract coverage: Jan 1, 1989 - Jan 11, 2002, in US Newsstream Proquest
  3. The Atlanta Journal the Atlanta Constitution; Atlanta, Ga. Full text coverage:  Sep 25, 1996 - Jan 11, 2002 to Current, in US Newsstream Proquest.
  4. The Atlanta Constitution: a Georgia index. Georgia State University. Library. Reference Dept.  Library has: 1971—1979. Library Service Center Reference. Call  Number: AI21 .A83X  
  5. Library Catalog. Microfilm newspaper records and print indexes.
  6. Library Catalog records for Atlanta Journal or Atlanta Constitution, online and other records

U.S. Newsstream (ProQuest)

Go to the U.S. Newsstream (ProQuest) database!

US Newsstream enables users to search the most recent premium U.S. news content, as well as archives which stretch back into the 1980s featuring newspapers, newswires, blogs, and news sites in active full-text format. For academic and public libraries, US Newsstream offers exclusive access to the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and co-exclusive access (with Factiva) to The Wall Street Journal. US Newsstream also offers one of the largest collections of local and regional newspapers, and is cross-searchable on the ProQuest platform.

Full Text Included.  Email alerts can be set-up.  Coverage: 1980 - current (depending upon the title). US Newsstream can also be searched as part of: (1) Global Newsstream and (2) ProQuest Central.

Quick ProQuest Search Hints

  • Sort by Date (Most recent first) or Relevance
  • Truncation character (*) asterisk - retrieves variations of the search term. Use the truncation character at the end (right-hand truncation, such as simulat*) or in the middle of search terms. Each truncated word can return up to 500 word variations.
  • Wildcard character (?) used to replace any single character, either inside or at the right end of a word.
  • Quotation marks ("signal processing") for exact phrases. Enclose stop words in brackets or quotation marks "near infrared"
  • Use "Recent Searches" to combine previous search statements, using Boolean operators.
    • Combine previous search statements. Examples: (1 AND 3) OR (1 AND 2)
                  3 AND detect*
                       (1 OR 2) AND (3 OR model*)
  • Use nested (with parenthesis) Boolean operators to combine terms
    • OR -- To broaden a search; allow for variant spellings; results include any specified term
      • simulat* OR model* OR mathemat* OR algorithm* [every record contains at least one of these four terms]
    • AND -- To narrow the scope of a search; results contain all specified terms
      • radar AND countermeasure* [both terms must be contained in every record]  
    • NOT -- To eliminate terms (or search statements) from a search
  • Proximity operators
    • near/# (within # words, in any order)
    • pre/# (within # words, in this exact order)
  • Field qualifiers: limit to a specific field, such as author -- AU(Smith), or to multiple fields at one time, such as TI,SU,AB(robot* and wireless*) for restricting keywords to title, subject and abstract fields. Can limit to fields using Advanced Search drop down menus.
  • "Anywhere except full text" (drop down menu) or use NOFT as a field code, such as NOFT(laser pre/3 diode). NOFT - does not search the full text field.
  • Change "Display" -- "results per page" to 100
  • Register (free) to Save search queries, records, or set up automatic Alerts. One search statement line is saved.
  • Multiple ProQuest databases can be searched simultaneously.  Top row "Change databases" ; check the boxes of relevant databases; "Use selected databases"
  • Email, Print, Download marked records. Can download to EndNote, text, RTF, etc.



Global Newsstream (ProQuest). Includes US Newsstream