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LaTex: Introduction

Resources on learning LaTex

Brief History & Software

LaTex is a mark-up language document creator. It works well to prepare papers, posters, slides, thesis, etc that contain mathematical formulas and chemical symbols.

LaTex is available as open source software and can be used in all operating systems, including Linux.

Here are resources to learn more:

GT Templates for thesis and dissertations. Reddit user did this:

I am learning LaTeX to write my research thesis, but I noticed that building the LaTeX thesis format provided at creates a lot of errors. Does anyone know how I can update the thesis template to a form that's usable, or have any experience with writing a thesis using LaTeX that conforms to the GaTech thesis guidelines?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Solved! Just needed to open the Thesis.tex file rather than opening an individual chapter file.


Librarians at other universities have created research guides that have more information.

Worksheets, Cheat Sheets, and Installation Information