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Data Visualization: Introduction

General guide about visualization resources by types.

What is Data Visualization?


The most brief definition of data visualization is anything that converts data sources into a visual representation for the purpose of sense-making and communicating clearly and effectively. Sometimes data visualization also integrates analyzing data, which is usually called visual analytics.




Visualization By Type


There are different categories of visualization:


  • By purpose: explanation, exploration
  • By presentation tools: Infographics, Timelines, Story Maps, Word Clouds, Charts and Graphs, Mapping, Images / videos
  • By dimension: 1D, 2D, 3D/Volumetric
  • By structure: network, tree structure /hierarchical , temporal, spatial

Get Help


If you are using one of these tools and run into trouble, there are a few places you can go for assistance.

  • YouTube (There are many projects of each and everyone of them. Short videos about specific tasks.)
  • (Log in with your GT ID and password. Some more challenged tools have systematic instruction on there.)
  • Contact your librarian.

Data Visualization Specialist