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Data Visualization: Timeline / Storyline

General guide about visualization resources by types.
Which is the best tool in this category?
ESRI story maps: 25 votes (51.02%)
Google Earth Engine: 10 votes (20.41%)
MyHistro: 8 votes (16.33%)
Tiki-Toki: 3 votes (6.12%)
Others: 3 votes (6.12%)
Total Votes: 49

ESRI Story Map

ESRI Story Maps is a story-telling visualization tool with multi page displays for each facet of information your story wants to cover. This tool is based off of ArcGIS. Stories can be created with narrative text, images, maps, with the ability to embed various types of external multimedia.


  • ESRI Story Maps is freely available online
  • ArcGIS Online is freely available with limited map creating functions
  • To create more complicated maps, find ArcGIS desktop version in the library data visualization pilot lab in the library.


Tiki-Toki is a web-based tool for creating multimedia interactive timelines that you can share on the internet and create on your browser. its features include creating 2D and 3D timelines, customizable timelines, and ability to embed Youtube, Vimeo and AVIs into timelines.

Using the free version only allows you to create 1 timeline. Paid version has no caps on who can you can share your timeline too and you can also embed your timeline on your website.

Google Earth Engine Timelapse

Google Earth Engine offers a web-based timelapse editor to view and record a tour of anywhere around the globe with map and satellite images since 1984. Users can easily record, and share a tour of any area of interest with zoom, pan and images within the timespan.


MyHistro is a web-based timeline creating tool to help create interactive timelines. MyHistro focuses on embedding maps within your timelines complete with text, video, and pictures to create a dynamic timeline mashup. MyHIstro can be exported into Google Earth so you can show where your story occurs as the timeline progresses.




Tiki Toki: 3D timeline

Other Story Map

  1. Visual Timeline Software - Creative Writing -

  2. Timeline Maker - Project Management -

  3. Timeline.js