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Data Visualization: Other Visual Analytics Tools

General guide about visualization resources by types.

Which visual analytics tool do you like better?

Which visual analytics tool do you like better?
Voyant-Tools: 2 votes (25%)
SAS: 6 votes (75%)
Other: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 8


‚ÄčVoyant-tools is an open-source, web-based textual analysis application, which creates visualizations from a several text formats, such as plain text, MS Word, PDF, RTF, XML, and HTML.


Voyant does not require any coding. Visualization is realized through searching and filtering with built-in functions. These documents can be uploaded or users can work from a predefined existing collections of text. From these texts a variety of visualizations are created and can be explored, including link nodes, bubble charts, word clouds, scatter plots, trends, word trees, and much more.




SAS is a software for advanced analytics, multivariate analysis, data management, business intelligence, and visual analytics. Software handles large datasets quickly and is useful when advanced analytics and data insight are needed to be shown.

Feature Functions:

  1. Data entry, retrieval, and management (reading / editing data files)
  2. Report writing with graphics (can provide graphics using data to support research reports)
  3. Statistical and mathematical analysis (multivariate regressions, confidence tests, etc)
  4. Business forecasting and decision support (Investment analysis, time series forecasting, enterprise miner)
  5. Operations research and Project management (market research, quality improvement, project management)

Types of supported graphs

Bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, time series graphs, scatter plots, histograms, residual plots, distribution plots, frequency plots


SAS is available at library Data Viz Lab on the first floor of the library (facing rotunda entrance).