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ECON 7013 - Microeconomic Theory II: Getting Started

Syllabus for ECON 7103 (spring 2013)

Starting out with Microeconomics Research

For your course project you will be able to work more efficiently and effectively if you take time to familiarize yourself with library's Economics-related resources.

First of all, you are welcome to contact me anytime for assistance with finding data, articles or other research for your projects and assignments. My office is located on the 4th floor (east) of the Library. Please feel free to drop by, call or email! Email is best, so I can block off time to work with you in detail and also get some advance notice about your project.

Also, I promise to return your email message.

My email address is:

 This guide will help you identify resources for quantitative and qualitiative data, reports and statistics to support your work. The "Data and Statistics" tab includes links to library resources (such as ViewsWire and LexisNexis Statistical Insight), as well as many international government resources related to Development Economics issues.

It will also be useful to explore the Library's "Economics databases" to locate scholarly material to find commentary to support your qualitative and quantitative analysis. Some of the best journal databases for this project will be: EconLit, Academic Search Premier and NBER Working Papers, although there are many others that will also prove useful.

Ultimately, your goal should be to improve the quality of your efforts by efficiently locating the best material and data. I am committed to helping you achieve this goal.

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