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Finding Images: Images Sources

Finding Images

Image Sources

The study of Industrial Design and Architecture depends on visual information in the form of images such as photographs, drawings, diagrams, maps, and paintings. Images seem to be everywhere, but they can be hard to find. There is no single easy source for images. Images are produced and used in many settings and can exist in different places.   

To begin Searching for images, you must be specific.  Knowing the specifics, helps decide your Search Terms.

  • Name of Designer or Architect
  • Name of object, building, site
  • Date and location

Next, think about:

Where images are CREATED
Search -  Architects & Designers  (look if they have a website)

Where images are REPRODUCED
Search - O
nline design sites & magazines (IDSA, Core77, Yanko Design)

Search - Library Catalog for Books, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers,

Where images are COLLECTED
Search - Archives, Photograph Collections, Libraries, Museums, Stock Photography houses

These are starting points for finding images. Resources may overlap; for example a Journal may publish drawings (reproductions) of a building but they may also create original drawings and photographs of the building.