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Government Information: Tax Info.

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2021 Filing Deadline for 2020 tax year

The IRS announced in mid-March 2021 that the deadline will be extended until:

              May 17, 2021

Income Tax - Forms and Instruction Booklets

FEDERAL Forms and Instruction Booklets

             the 1040 instructions [108 pages]

            and the 1040 "booklet" [about 8 pages; it is white with blue lettering] which includes the instructions, and Schedules 1-6.


  • Online:     

    GA Dept of Revenue website has Form IT-511 booklets, Form 500 and Form 500-EZ 


              Select “This year's tax forms” for the tax booklet (IT-511) and for Form 500 and Form 500EZ

                   Or, select from these links:  IT-511 booklet ; Form 500 ; Form 500EZ

                    pdf, of a blank Form 500 for year 2020

         As of tax year 2018, Dept. of Revenue will NO LONGER issue or distribute a print version.

        Ga. Dept. of Revenue Regional Office – nearest is at:

                       1800 Century Blvd. NW, Suite 12000, Atlanta 30345

                       For other locations, see:


2020 Filing Deadline for 2019 tax year

Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19, the Federal tax deadline -- and --  the Georgia tax deadline --  moved to:

                   JULY 15th, 2020

   IRS has temporary suspended processing paper returns - will resume when processing centers reopen

IRS - "Economic Impact Payments"

    ---  will start sending payments to most Americans in April.

  • Do not call
  • Most people won't need to take any action
  • Check back often for updates

   mid-April, IRS added a "get my payment" link so you can enter your bank account # for direct deposit if the IRS doesn't have that info.