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Government Information: Elections/Voting

Research Guide for Government Information resources

2020 - Election

Georgia's Senate races - two seats - runoff election for both seats.  Brief info. from 11/8/2020

         Election date:  January 5, 2021   remember: on this date, go to your precinct to vote. Find your precinct at the My Voter Page

        Deadline to register to vote: December 7, 2020  - Georgia Online Voter Registration

         Early voting   - ends 12/31/20 5:00pm  - check website for hours and dates of the location(s) in your county - each location may have different days and hours

      Locations for early voting (select the county in which you live):
If you have an absentee ballot filled out - mail it back asap (by mid-December, preferably). Or, consider putting it in an official drop box - deadline is 7:00pm on 1/5 - locations are:
    For those who want to vote in-person on election day (Tues. 1/5), you go to your assigned precinct location to vote.  To find out where:

 the 3rd race is for Public Service Commissioner, Dist. 4, Northern

------ -----

Presidential race --

Electoral College FAQ, from the National Archives

     met on December 14 -- which is the Monday after the second Wednesday in December

    Georgia's Presidential electors

Georgia -- official Election results from the GA Secretary of State's office

Also, vote counts reported by the 4 national broadcast networks, local affiliates, the AJC, and their websites, plus

The 117th Congress - first day -- unsure. Why? The Constitution notes it as Jan. 3rd, unless Congress chooses another day.  Jan. 3rd, 2021 -- is a Sunday (also note: the 115th Congress, per law Congress passed -- started on Jan. 6th, 2015. Yet the 116th Congress started on Jan. 3rd.) For an overview of what to expect on that day, see the Congressional Research Service (CRS) report - The First Day of a New Congress, released in 2018.

Inauguration Day -- January 20


Presidential Preference Primary  -- of March 2th --  postponed until May 19th, the date of the General Primary.

          update, 4/9 -- the date of the Primary is now June 9th; voter registration will end May 11th; early voting will begin on May 18th.

8/31 - new portal for absentee ballots -

For the 5th Congressional District, Sept. 8 , to fill the seat of the late Rep. John Lewis, early voting starts Sept. 8;  Sept. 29 is the special election

DEADLINES for GA -  voter registration:October 5, 2020 ( 29 days before an election ) ;  requesting absentee ballot - Oct. 30th (can do so online) ; completed absentee ballots must be received by Nov. 3rd.

Early voting - Oct. 12-16 ; Oct. 19-24 ; Oct. 26-30 -- select county for early voting locations

     note: dates and hours vary by location. If you live in Fulton county, there is an early voting location on GT campus, McCamish Pavilion - 2 DAYS  - 10/22/20 - 10/23/20 -- 8:00am to 6:00pm

 Absentee Ballot info. - Secure the Vote - new portal from GA Secretary of State   

My Voter Page - candidate info., polling places, etc. NOTE: on Nov. 3rd, you must go to your assigned precinct.

Note: more polling places are being added; also, dropoff locations for absentee ballots


For detailed info. on other states, please see the Voting & Elections Toolkit for Georgia from a roundtable of the American Library Association.



2016 General Election

For candidate info., issues, and links to polls, please see Election 2016: The Race to the White House.

For Georgia -- 2016 Voter Guide, from the League of Women Voters of Georgia, the AJC, and WSB-TV.

2017 - Special Election for 6th Congressional District

Campaign Finance

Each state has a commission or dept. that reports on campaign finance.

Elections - GA ; U.S. ; Election Statistics

   Georgia -


below is info. for the General Election, Nov. 2020

  • Secure the Vote - new portal (8/31) from Georgia Secretary of State; it "will allow you to quickly request an absentee ballot and receive confirmation that your request is being processed."
  • County Board of Registrars (county-by-county) - for absentee ballot info.
  • Absentee voting (links to application)

           from State of GA page -- "If you do not receive your absentee ballot after submitting your application, contact your county registrar to assess your options. If there is not enough time to receive a new absentee ballot, or if for any reason you cannot have another sent to you, you may vote in person. If you attempt to vote in person because you never received a requested absentee ballot, you will have to sign a document attesting that you are only voting once."

               Links to voter registration application, polling places, and county election offices.

              Directory for each county in the U.S. - includes website, mailing address,

               fax #, phone #, for election officials.

               (Note: site is from the Overseas Vote Foundation)

POLLING Locations for in-person voting for the General Election (Nov. 3, 2020) -- NOTE: "early" voting locations are different - for early voting, you can vote at any of the designated places in your county. On Election Day, you must vote at the location designated for your precinct.

   Fulton -  255 total. See also this new chart of 91 polling location changes (9/23/20)

   Dekalb - also notes absentee drop-off ballot box locations - or, use the map-based ArcGIS viewer



  For other counties, see the official County page for elections

For more candidate bios and interviews - check with your local daily (AJC has Election News, for general info.) or weekly newspaper; or, local broadcast station affiliate.


   Income taxes of candidates -

           2019 tax returns for Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris (as posted on

            federal taxes for Pres. Donald Trump, over a period of years - 2-part story in the New York Times. Part 2 focuses on business dealings and "The Apprentice".

           Full-text of newspaper articles (no graphics or photos) - in US Newsstream, Nexis Uni, and in Factiva

AFTER THE ELECTION - Electoral College

   when do they meet?  On the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December - per the National Archives

   Electoral College Fast Facts - from the U.S. House of Representatives. January 6th - counting of the electoral votes (joint session of Congress)

   new collection with HeinOnline database -- select U.S. Presidential Library, then - Electoral College

2016 Election statistics

2018 - Election - Georgia; and metro area of Atlanta

Election Statistics