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Multimedia Workshops: Introduction

This Guide outlines the variety of Multimedia offerings at the GT Library

Intro to Multimedia Resources

The Georgia Tech Library provides a variety of resources to support the Georgia Tech community with the use of Multimedia software and tools for research, course projects and professional development..

We offer hands on workshops that train users on resources such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign etc) , Imovie, CMS ( Wordpress,) and a variety of Open Source tools.

Instructional Librarians at the Georgia Tech Library teach over 100 workshops a year on professional technologies and software including, but not limited to topics related to:  Video editing, Audio editing, Web Design, Infographics and Visual or Print Design.

Consider including a workshop or a series of workshops for a comprehensive learning experience.

Workshops can be :

  • Course integrated:
  • By Special request for Faculty, Staff,  Departments or Research Groups.
  • Designed to be part of a  seminar or talk on campus.
  • Tailored for Student groups or events.
  • Library Drop- in offerings throughout the semester.

Contact info

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Alison Valk
Alison Valk

Multimedia Instruction Librarian

Subject Librarian:

College of Computing

Georgia Institute of Technology

Subjects: Computer Science