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Pulp and paper science technology

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For journal articles, clicking on "Find It @ GT" works properly for most, but not all, journal papers. Links to either the electronic full text or to the Library Catalog record

For conference papers, technical reports and other formats, "Find It @ GT" often does not work properly. If "Find @ GT" does not work, check the Library Catalog. The Georgia Tech Library owns a very large number of conference papers and technical reports that cannot be retrieved by clicking on the full text icon. Most technical reports owned by the Library are not in the Catalog.

If the journal or conference paper is not available electronically, either through a Georgia Tech Library subscription or through a free website, fill out an ILLiad document delivery photocopy (PDF) request form at . This applies to materials owned by the Library and also to materials owned by other libraries (obtained through interlibrary loan).

Thesaurus of Pulp and Paper terminology. Institute of Paper Science and Technology.

Thesaurus of Pulp and Paper Terminology. Institute of Paper Science and Technology. Atlanta, GA : Institute of Paper Science and Technology, 1991. Available at the Georgia Tech Library, Library Service Center, General Collection. Call Number: Z695.1 .P83 T483X 1991.  GT Library Catalog record.  This thesaurus can be checked-out by filling out a request form.


Paper science dictionaries and handbooks. Library Catalog search.

Search Elsevier's PaperChem (1967 to present)

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Elsevier's pulp  and paper science technology database, PaperChem, is available to only Georgia Tech registered users.

Can simultaneously search PaperChem with Inspec and Compendex by checking all three database boxes. Duplicate records can be removed by clicking of "Remove Duplicates" (left column) and "Database Preference"

Elsevier's PaperChem Database Descriptions

PaperChem (1967 to present)

Elsevier's Paperchem description: PaperChem is a comprehensive bibliographic database covering international literature related to pulp and paper technology. It includes abstracts of journal articles, conference papers, and technical reports. Subjects covered are the following: Chemistry of Cellulose; Corrugated and Particle Board; Engineering and Process Control; Films; Foils and Laminates; Forestry and Pulpwood; Graphic Arts (prior to 1998); Lignin and Extractives; Mill Construction and Operation; Pulp; Paper and Board Pollution; Silver Chemicals and Residues; Tissue Culture; Corrosion; Economics and Research; Fiber Webs and NonWovens; Finishing and Converting; Gluing; Labeling and Sealing; Hemicellulose; Machinery Equipment and Maintenance' Packaging; Power; Spent Liquors; and Pollution Control and Water. The database was created in 1967, but there are some records in the database with publication years before 1967.

Elsevier's About PaperChem: One of the pulp and paper industry's most important resources for news and information, PaperChem covers targeted literature from 15 subject areas and contains 690,000+ records dating back to 1967. With 50 years coverage of the leading journals, influential conference papers and critical technical reports, PaperChem gives researchers access to the information they need to be successful in their work. New records are added weekly ... with approximately 10,000 records added annually.

PaperChem Source List (June 2014)

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Elsevier's Help and Search Tips

BEFORE 1967 - Predecessor to PaperChem

The Institute of Paper Science and Technology originally created the PaperChem database to support its members. The PaperChem database first went online in 1969 with data back to 1967. Elsevier Engineering Information Inc. acquired PaperChem in 1998.

Upon request, print volumes of the Bulletin (precursor to PaperChem) can be delivered to the main campus, for viewing in the Library building.  See the Library Catalog record information, below.

  • Bulletin of the Institute of Paper Chemistry. Institute of Paper Chemistry (Appleton, Wisconsin), 1930-1958, Catalog record.  GT Library Service Center, Call Number: TS1105 .I57; v. 1 (1930) –v. 28
  • Abstract Bulletin of the Institute of Paper Chemistry.  Institute of Paper Chemistry (Appleton, Wisconsin), 1958-1967?, Catalog record. GT Library Service Center, Call Number: TS1105 .I57; v.25,pt.1-2(1954-1955), v.29(1958)-v.38, pt.1(1967), pt.2 (1962)
  • Abstract Bulletin of the Institute of Paper Science and Technology. Institute of Paper Science and Technology (Atlanta, Georgia), 1989-1998?. Catalog record. Publisher: Atlanta, GA : The Institute. GT Library Service Center, Call Number: TS1105 .I57 v. 60 pt. 1 until v.68 n.10-12.

The Institute of Paper Chemistry (in Wisconsin) was founded in 1929. The Institute changed its name to The Institute of Paper Science and Technology. The Georgia Institute of Technology and the Institute of Paper Science and Technology (IPST) merged in 2003; the integration was complete in 2004. In 2014 the Institute changed its name to the Renewable Bioproducts Institute (RBI).