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VR / AR Resource Guide: Introduction

VR Project Demo Videos

GT Library offers a few VR/AR devices, including Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, Leap Motion Controller and Utopia 360, for research and learning purposes. Please check with our Gadget collection to check out the device. If you do need to reserve our VR workstation on the 2nd floor of Crosland Tower, please reverse them through Library Data Viz Lab workstation reservation under EMS.


Below are some of our project demos. We will keep adding demos here as they are available.

This project was conduced by Jonatan Holmgren and Niklas Gustafsson in fall semester of 2018. 

This project was developed by two of our students Olivia Jacob and Lilly Merck in fall spring semester of 2018.

Data Visualization Specialist

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